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​​​​​​​Squirrel Master's Productions

Photographic Modeling


It has been 40 years of Creating Images

in my life and has been quite a ride.  It was by accident that in 1981 I captured a raw image, quite by accident, a young lady by the name of Coleen. 

     The days of loading film into a camera, having to develop each role, wait for the negatives and prints, then making enlargements in a controlled dark room are over.  Technology will soon eliminate the need for humans to model and all that will be left is the internet and the new version of Modeling will evolve ... but not quite yet.

    Let's start.  My goal is to make custom images ...  TFP was a term used decades ago to suggest "Testing for Prints"

in the days when a portfolio was a book of your best prints or "tear sheets".  Instagram is not a portfolio.  Don't believe anything I say .. "Make me prove it."


To all aspiring Models: 

Welcome to my world.


Make sure you vet me.  Google my name

Those of you requesting TFP, please read some guide lines and instructions to make our shoot is a unique and special experience for both of us.  Please notice I don't shoot the usual humdrum seen all over the internet but something individual and unique.  Each image is not the same as the other so please understand we will be creating images, not taking pictures.  So it is important we meet before the shoot either in person or on Facetime.  Everyone should ask question and know what to expect.

1.  Ask questions before the shoot.  Call or e-mail me.  Models who don't ask questions usually don't show, are late, and or unprepared.  Remember this a TFP.  Please respect my time.

2.  Respect for each other is essential.  There should be no misunderstandings.  I do not appreciate negative baggage or mood swings.  Let's do a ton of shoots before we start taking it out on me.  Do not bail.  Don't be late, come early.

3.  Every model has their own needs and styles and that is discussed prior the shoot.  My style is documented on my web-site and I do not pretend to shoot anything common.  For example, one shot I always thought about is a model in the water wearing a wedding gown ripping it to pieces.  This does not mean I won't shoot your style but when it comes to my images ... you might drop your jaw.   Just be an artist and create something unique.

4.  I prefer movement in our sessions not the stagnant portrait style.  I will coach you on this.  Attitude on the concept has to be uniquely your own.

5.  Most of the images will be deleted and only the ones I deem good will remain.  You will receive half a dozen of the edited of each set.  Please do not ask me for all the images.  I have learned my lesson.  Your portfolio should contain quality ... not quantity.

6.  Please bring a lot of positive energy, talent and enthusiasm.  Also on a TFP you will do your own Make up unless you want to bring your own make-up artist. 


If you decide not to use TFP (recommended) and you prefer just to al la cart your photographic needs:  None of these options include Make-up and or Wardrobe.  Prices increase March 1st, 2024


Option 1

Head Shots

Every 6 Months for 2 years



Option 2

Photo Shoot (3) after free assessment photo shoot

photo shoot



Option 3

Full Photographic Coaching

$1050 1 year.

1 Test Shoot (no Charge),  6+ planned photo shoots,

comp card created, 1 page web-site created

1 min Vlog,


You pay nothing.  After Option 3 is completed

we make assessment, build a 1 Page web-site, and you start working your way to paid shoots or legitimate agency.

No refunds

Release required

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