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The Coaching Process

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Coaching an actor

is not teaching an actor, it is a "custom" process of developing an actor to a character.  I am not an acting teacher.  I do not teach method.  I customize your ability to a character.   (Please note the word custom.)


The process of my coaching method is simple, asses the actor and develop his/her strengths and present the weakness for the actor to make their own choice in a performance of an Actor.


This is how it begins:

1.  The Monologue:

You will be given a Monologue to determine your discipline in the basics.  Discipline, directions, determination to craft, schedule and focus.   The monologue gives me an entry level insight of your weakness and helps the actor focus on the actor's strength.

2.  The Dialogue:

You will be partnered up to rehash your ability to develop  listening skills of performing  with a partner with a scene script.

3.  The Scene Study:

The actor will perform the Scene Study on film and decide whether to include it to a reel or begin developing a reel.

4.Self Assessment: 

After completion you will decide if you are an actor.

5.  What's the catch?

Learning what "Break a Leg" means.

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Acting is a Craft

I am interested in explaining

the distinction between learning acting

and being an actor. 

Obviously no matter what level you are in acting we are always learning, living new resources, feeling new things, experiencing different discoveries.


The distinction I wish to make is the different levels we are all at and the different ways we reach our next level. 

So most go to acting school to "learn" acting. 

Here is where I make a distinction. 

School is suppose to teach you or ween you into a methodology you will eventually end up with. 


Coaching is a follow up your individual method and make your own choices of what to use in

your performances.

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