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March 2021

Putting all the pieces of making a film is entirely different with all filmmakers.  I am starting by securing my lead ... then cast and crew.  From there is poster, rehearsals, screen tests, readings, securing locations, wardrobe, yadda yadda yadda.  What comes first and all that follows will be for the day the director say "That's a wrap".  Let the adventure begin ... seeking the lead character.

Nov. 2021

"The Foster Home" Is no longer just a script but now in post production.  The film about a young teen taken from her alcoholic mother and placed in a foster home, no siblings or any family able to take her in.  She is left with new surroundings and a serious longing to be back with her mother.

Completed December 2021

"The Foster Home"  Trailer

November 10, 2021
Riya Gujral as "Micki"
Saarah Medrano
as "Irene"
Beth Brown
As "Stella"
John Corry Short
as "John"
Melinda Perez
as "Mrs. Gonzales"
Melinda Perez.JPG
Albert Gonzales
as Uniform Police Officer
Emma Allison as "Danny"
Katherine Rodriguez
as Detective
SMP_4387 copy.jpeg
Dennis Jim Gilbert
as the Boyfriend
Dennis Jim Gilbert.jpeg
_The Foster Home_ Ending.jpg
SMP_2326 copy.JPG
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