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Richard N. Wilson


Has done photography in the style of Editorial, Commercial,  Glamour, Agency Test Board, Swimwear, Actor Head Shot, Beauty, Model Development Photography, Art Nudes, portrait, school, wedding, ,  candid, lifestyle, and combination of all the above.  I have not done any significant Fashion in my lifetime

but it is not out of the


Today's photography is an accumulation of all my experiences in the last 40+ years.  It is my goal to make each individual's images as unique as humanly possible with whatever environment and tools at my disposal.

  I am not a Facebook Instagram photographer.  Although semi retired,


I am not dead yet.

Photographer, Filmmaker and Coach

Richard N. Wilson

is now semi retired

but always keeping his eye open for that special

Model/Actress to capture and coach.

This is not my job ....

it is my passion, one image at a time.

First shoot.jpg

This is an image from my very first photo shoot back in 1981 that inspired me to shoot, capture and create.

1st Mag Cover copy.JPG

My First National Magazine Cover 1986

Sample Favorites

Custom Images by
Richard N. Wilson



 Vintage Editorial Images Video

Photographic imaging in Media come into various categories or standards depending on who you talk to.  The most common category is fashion.  The use of the word "fashion" is loosely  used in the preset day media description.  Is an outfit from Walmart considered fashion?   Again ... on social media the quality of Model presentation varies from one interpretation to the next.  What is art?  Same premise.

Here is what I suggest and you can interpret images as you desire.  Here are some suggested categories of different forms or styles of Image Modeling:


Fashion, Runway, Editorial, Beauty, Commercial, Glamour, Boudoir, Swimwear, Portraits, Wedding, Parts,

Nude, Art Nudes,

(Also seeing)

Life Style


Our multi media market is evolving quickly

and semantics are used differently depending on the caliber of the market.  Image categories

can be argued, for example, editorial fashion,

life style can be commercial.  Each category is determined by the client (brand) and the image creator. 

From the days of Chrome
DSC_0939 copy.JPG

All non TFP rates begin at $300

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