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Character Performance

I Am ... an Actor

Acting is a craft.  It is a gift. 
It is an opportunity to make the world feel, react, wonder.  The key to  being an actor is known only to oneself. 
There are tools to achieve and become better, insightful, creative.  I am an actor and to be an actor I must act .... I become the character and let the audience feel.

Life is short. 
If you are truly an actor you already know.  Now become a better actor.  Show the world who you are.  Don't let the world stop you!

Acting Reel  2006 -2012
Spike Lee Commercial

"Deathbed " Trailer/Prime Video
Production by Luis Colon

"Welcome"  by Tim Scalita

"Life Quantisized"

"Let Me" 
Warning some content may be disturbing to viewers.

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