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Richard N. Wilson 2019_

Self Assesment

I have to look at myself.  I haven't time.  Tomorrow always the unknown. I leave behind the dust of destruction and rebuild myself constantly ... without reserve.  I haven't time ... I took for granted.  My wisdom, is my own,  rooted and nourished by the insanity that surrounds me. Insanity that gives me reason and understanding.  I am not of the flock and cherish that the claws have not torn me apart.  I am not part of the herd.  I am part of you.

Began photography in 1981, 1st Published Cover in 1986.  I have not stopped shooting.    On Dec 28, 2005, around 7:45 a.m. I woke up with an incredible epiphany... like a jolt of caffeine, I began by starting a pot of coffee, sitting down at my computer and writing the script that was already in my head, bits and pieces of someones tragic share ... was going to be a movie.  Thanks to the help and support of William Nalle and the love, talent, and beauty of Elizabeth Brown  my first film "Windows" was started, was finally completed in 2010.  I knew nothing of Screenwriting or Filmmaking.  I had no video camera, barely paying the rent  ....  not a clue.   During that time I felt I needed to be an actor  to better understand the other side of the camera.  Two months later I was in my first film with a line.  "Can I help you."   I had never acted before.

A few years later I met Elizabeth Brown who wanted the lead role in my film "Windows".  She was an incredible talent, a brave performer, a giving heart and spirit and we completed the film in 2010.  She was my inspiration for my script idea "Going No Where", a comedic film short film that I believed could be converted into a 3 part sitcom.  We became wonderfully intimate friends,  business associates and an incredible muse. Sadly for me, after some years she moved on.   She is missed in the spirit of all my productions.


My last three film projects have been shelved due to a lack of networking and finances.   My script "Going No-Where" began production in 2018 but was sabotaged by an actress who refused to finish the film.  Although a financial loss, the realization that I have to double my budget and also need to find a smarter process and re-do the whole thing.  At the time of this edit ...we are now at the end of the Corona Virus disaster and I have completed ....

"The Foster Home"

The script "The Tried" still shelved for the 3rd time but as of Feb. 2024 I dusting the script to se if any possibilities.  The lead role is the key needed for inspiration.

I'm not dead yet.

"Richard is a reliable and hard working individual who I had a privilege to work with on my last film project. His willingness to collaborate on the set helps things run smoothly."

Luis Colon/Filmmaker

Back in 2014, I was trying to put together a short called “Welcome”. It was a surrealist look at Alzheimer’s/dementia from the perspective of the afflicted (See the link below). I was having a terrible time finding my lead, and was about to cancel the shoot. However, the day before the shoot was supposed to take place, Richard Wilson contacted me and insisted that he was the right man for the part. He couldn’t have been more right. He showed up, and although very confused by the artistic nature of my shooting style. He was very much a professional on set and even added ideas that made it in the final cut.

  In the summer of 2017, I was in New York and had to work with him again. So, to keep things simple and fun, Richard, a friend and I set off into the city wherein Richard gave us a tour. Richard ran circles around us the entire day and still had energy to spare. I myself was exhausted. This goes to show the endurance he has and his dedication to the art.

  I am currently trying to move to New York and have a feature length script for “Welcome”. A part that Richard has proven he can only play. I highly recommend Richard as an actor and writer, and honestly cannot wait to work with him again

-Tim Scalita/Filmmaker
"Richard’s City"



I’ve been coaching and working with Richard since 2019. From monologues, scene studies, photography, and filming a feature film! He’s one of a kind and truly knows how to shake you up to get the best performance out of you. He has a unique approach to get you out of your comfort zone and bring your truth to self to every performance. He will give you monologues and scene studies that all require rehearsals. During rehearsals, he challenges you to try different techniques that will surely get you into the character. He has such a passion for the arts and his years of living and life experience truly brings a unique perspective. If he sees legitimate talent in you he will put a “boot up your ass” to help you reach your highest potential. With Rich, you will work hard, you’ll be geared up to bring the utmost professionalism as expected in the industry, you may be frustrated at times as the lessons can be exhausting and require work work work, you will laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely become a wonderful friend/family to Rich. Get ready to work and fall back in love with acting when you work with Rich.

Melinda Perez

SMP_4387 copy.jpeg

My assessment of Richard.

Richard, is so much fun to work with. He gives you homework, expects you to be on time, do your research of the character. Find the elements and be prepared to talk about it. Richard is no nonsense says it how it is, very blunt and open. I learned so much being coached by Richard. He helped me with proximity. I struggled with proximity at first, but he broke that fear immediately. We worked on Monologues, Scene Studies, Characterization-understanding the character. Understanding the choices and the relationships you bring to the character. Developing your characters physicality. The importance of not manufacturing emotions. Finding the Arch. Creating life for the character. Giving an honest reaction to the scene. Living in the space. The importance of embracing who you are - being your authentic self -Truth of Self, empathizing with the character. I needed to drop my walls so I have access to my one true self. Allowing myself to let go and step into me. I learned to take every audition as a learning process. Memorizing lines without ROTE without inflection or meaning so I can make adjustments. Movement, technique, dictation, voice-understanding words in a way to stretch them.  


I forgot to add Richard will make you laugh, he will make you mad, but at the end your truth of self comes out.

Katherine Rodreguez/Actress

SMP_2037 (1).JPG

I met Richard online and was intrigued.

His passion for his work was contagious.

He is focused and committed.

His vision will become a reality. Bet on it.

John Cory Short
J.C. Police Dept./Retired


I met Richie on the set of a film where we shared a scene. I quickly learned how intense and passionate he was about his craft.  Throughout the years I’d like to think we’ve become good friends.  I’ve worked with him many times as his model in photography and I also have sought his advice in my own acting journey. When I think of Richie I’m amazed at how dedicated he is and the various forms of art he’s interested in and good at at his age. From photography, to film, to acting, and writing. His talent, motivation and consistency is inspiring.

Herna Rodriguez/Actress

    Richie pulls what he’s looking

for out of the people who want to let their talent show the most. As an actor, director, coach, or friend, he’s always dedicated to it no matter what else

is going on. Richie is the epitome of

never giving up. Listen to him

and you will learn a lot.

Daniel Rossano

Richard is a genuinely warm hearten wise soul.

My brother and I have worked along side of him on several films. Richard has a way of treating

everyone he meets like family. 

He is a brilliant acting coach and an

extraordinary friend! I’ve learned a

hell of a lot from
Richard over the years and so can you!

Eric Rossano



I worked with Richard on a short film he wrote,

“The Parting” and it was a pleasure working with him.  Richard is dedicated to his craft and is

highly multi-talented. 

Richard cares about helping everyone he works with grow.  He’s a brilliant and creative writer,

director, producer and anyone

who’s worked with him can

attest to the fact that he was made for this and his willingness to share his knowledge of the craft without expecting anything in return is what sets him apart from the rest. He’s an authentic individual with a great sense of

humor which makes him easy

to work with and helps you to get

through the course of each production seamlessly.


Trudy Knockless

Actress (NY)

Richard Wilson is a great actor and film director.  

I have had the pleasure of being coached by him and working with him on film sets and must say if

you want to learn about acting and you want someone who is very passionate and serious

about the art of film and acting,

someone who will not only coach and teach you but help you get better.  I would recommend

to take a acting class by Richard. I learn a lot working with him and

got the chance to work on my craft with someone who

challenge me.  He is the real deal, great actor, great director, great photographer and great friend.   If you really love acting

and film then like Richard Wilson would say"no excuses" ....some are about it, some just talk about it.  Richard Wilson is definitely all about it.

Juan Ortiz/Actor

Frank 3.jpeg.opt207x237o0,0s207x237.jpg

When you meet Richard Wilson he becomes your director, you become his subject in a screen test or short; he's your fellow actor, mentor, your friend. If he sees talent/passion in you, he won't leave you alone. He will bring out the best in you, even if you don't know you have it in you. If you haven't met RW, what are you waiting for?


                                             Frank DiGiovanni,



Although I have never met or worked with Richard,

I have always been impressed with his passion

and commitment towards projects.

He is also incredibly supportive and f

requently says “no excuses” which he

proved by beating a severe illness whilst

planning new projects.

Emily Haigh/Actress/Model

There is something so profound about the undistilled truth...and that is among the many valuable elements that comes forth when Richard is in the room. Being directed and coached by Richard allowed me to actually begin experiencing the character I've been playing for his short (first time it's happened in that capacity since I've started acting nearly two years ago)-being able to actually experience (be) the character is among the primary goals actors strive to achieve. If there be any lack of direction or any creative void, I highly recommend establishing rapport with Richard so that he may help all of you amazing artists get closer to the truth, closer to True North. Has a militant edge, or tough love approach, but all in the name of edification, perfecting, and forging the artist into her or his better self.

Valery Vincent

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