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The Art of The Model



The Art of the Model.  Interesting title. Every model unique, thus she is the canvas of the image. 


Facial features, skin, hair, lips, bone structure, eyes, photogenic in a way special, desirable to every head shot a photographer wishes to capture.  The photographer shoots a certain photogenic element of his ideal.

Then simply there's the body ... tall, short, thin heavy, muscular, curved, all uniquely shaped.

Lastly, and the most difficult to asses is the models artistic soul.  The artistic model soul, in my mind, is the most exciting element of photographing a true artist in the depth of creative modeling.  it is mostly seen in the eyes, the smile, body language, natural posture and finally that certain "something hard to fathom".

Nina Blanchard,

a very long time ago, an agent once was asked how did she know how to take a model into her fold when every day dozens of drop dead gorgeous candidates came to her interviews.  How did she choose, what was her secret, what did she know?  Simply replied, she shared

"I don't know ... the model has a "presence".

Modeling Today


Modeling in today's world in this complicated time, is so many things to so many people.  There are so many elements in the creation of an image is so complicated it could be written in a book.  Models are in so many various stages it's hard for an individual to make any kind of assessment of themselves.  I see models from wannabee to professional, experienced to inexperienced, content to confused, flowing to stuck, rich to poor, qualified to unqualified, delusional to well focused, intelligent to not so smart, free to create or hindered by life's prejudice. 

No matter what we are driven by making a choice I can or I cant or I will or I won't is determined by our own assessment or our delusion or who we really are.  Why do you want to be a model?  You and you alone make the choice unless you cannot make a rational assessment of your self ... not the assessment of the unqualified.

How then?

First is the basics.  You want to be a model then be a model.  Do the work.  If you can't do the work, show up, wake up, clean up, make changes, adjust, grow then like thousands and thousands a year, you will quit and do whatever your destiny dictates.

If you put your foot in that door then try to open it.  if you have no "self resource" then make one.  If you are not motivated to create your destiny then stop wasting your time.  Once your foot is planted in a door be patient.  You have many doors you must pass through before reaching you desired game plan.  Stop making reasons to sabotage your plan.  Open your eyes,  wake up, and listen to your destiny.  Stop listening to the cons who want nothing more than to see you fail.  Cons can fill your delusional self into despair. 


Learn as much as you can by reading a few books.  Listen to what you are being told around you, mommy's daddy's, teachers, clergymen, media, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. and be aware that they may not want you to be a model.  Maybe they're right.  Or ... if you have the resource, find out from a professional, that is not after your money to give you an assessment.  it could be a professional photographer, an ex-model who knows the ropes, a legitimate agency that has a license to employ you.  (Yes ... a legitimate agency has to have a license in the state of NYC to call themselves a "Modeling Agency".)  What does "Model or Talent Management" mean?  Read contracts carefully and learn to listen to hype. 

Self Assessment

How tall are you?  What are your stats?  (Height, Weight, Measurements, Dress size, Shoe size, tattoos, piercing, scars, birthmarks etc). Have you ever been photographed by a professional photographer?  What is the definition of a "professional photographer"?  What kind of image is it, fashion, editorial, commercial, beauty, portrait, swimwear etc. etc, etc.  If you did your research then you'd know if you are 5'9" or taller and you're possibly photogenic then you might begin at the top, let's say Ford Models.  Send in an application ... you don't need professional images.  If Ford, for example, is considering you then you don't have to read anymore here.  Nice chatting with you.  I'm sorry I never met you because you are as far to the top as you can get.  Do you think you want to be signed or independent?  Are you married?  Children?  Work 9 - 5?  Live with a possessive boyfriend or a clingy girlfriend?  Are you disciplined.  Do you do a bit or a lot of drugs?  Are you really lazy?  Etc. etc. but bottom line ... who are you?

Doors to Open

Yes it's true.  There is such a thing as Commercial modeling, Parts modeling and all the other modeling gigs that don't fall in the professional level.  Now modeling is not a full time dream, it's part time and you might not have given up on your concept of professional modeling.  I once met a beautiful young lady in Hoboken, N.J. who modeled her legs for a Company called "Leggs" (a stocking Co.) who got residuals for the images which she modeled and got paid for.  How did she do it?  Her legs were amazing but probably not photogenic.  The market for Commercial work is out there and you don't have to be 5'9" you just have to be pleasing to the eye and show up, do the work and get paid.  By the way ... how are your hands?


This is 2024.  I have gone through several major transitions and have climbed many mountains and fallen many cliffs.  I have picked myself up and have bloodied myself to go through doors that refused to open.  I've gone around the back and have found small windows.  When I began photography I created an image of this girl Colleen.  I was totally inexperienced but something about the image kicked me in the ass and I have endured the beauty of an image and the terrible results of hundred of sets that I was responsible to create.  I have written scripts that have been made into short films and even today I have 3 script collecting dust.  I have many image ideas on location I want to shoot this spring but Spring of 2024 has not been kind ... cold and rainy.

As a model you will learn the meaning of quitting, moving on and or something else.  It's called transition.  The world has so many niches in modeling and only you decide your your own destiny.  You and only you can end it (this modeling idea) or blow life into it but I assure you there has to be a certain acceptance of why you are transitioning. 

The average life of a professional model is 4 years.  The average life of a entry levels model is 4 months.

If you have read this far

...then perhaps hope.

Your only truth is you.

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